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Post Production

Screenshot of sound editing project

Sound Editing and Mixing

Enrich your media with our specialised sound editing and mixing services. With two fully equipped mixing rooms, we cater to different industries like film, documentary, episodic series, advertising and more. We deliver captivating sound in a variety of formats and in compliance with Loudness standards.

screenshot of sound design program

Sound Design

Elevate your media with expert sound design. Our award-winning team of professionals can enhance your content with sound effect editing and sound design that brings your project to life with immersive, high-quality audio.


Creating a Foley track for localising your content or enhancing your project by giving it a tailored hands-on (and feet) creative sound is where our creative Foley artists thrive. The possibilities are endless. And the results can be quite surprising when you realise there isn't a real horse clip-clopping in our studio.

Video Graphics

Transform captivating visual experiences with Sintagma's cutting-edge visual effects that complete the localisation of your content. Our skilled graphics team can produce translated graphics in different styles, from titles to intricate animations or narration/dubbing cards. We also provide video editing services, such as inserts and scene removal.