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"Destinations Past and Present" Conference

The aim of the international symposium entitled Destinations Past and Present was to recapture the story of the Portuguese slave ship São José Paquete D’África, which sank off the Cape of Good Hope in 1794. The participants looked into the social, political and economic impact of the slave trade and the historical measures that limited it.


Lisbon Museum






Sound editing

Insertion of subtitles

The opportunity

Sintagma had the opportunity to help disseminate important historical research with our translations, subtitling, sound editing and insertion of captions for this online international conference organised by the Slave Wrecks Project and Lisbon Museum.

The event brought together researchers and anthropologists from renowned organisations, such as Universidade Nova Lisboa, Associação Batoto Yetu, the National Museum of African American History and Culture at the Smithsonian Institution, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and The George Washington University.

The final results of this three-hour conference were posted on a number of platforms, including the Lisbon Museum and Smithsonian Institution websites.

What we did

Sintagma’s role in the project was fundamental in a number of ways. Our translation and subtitling from Portuguese to English and vice-versa enabled everyone who was interested in the conference but was unable to attend on the day to understand and keep up with everything that was going on.

From day one, we embraced the project with dedication and soon got to work researching technical shipping terms and the histories of colonialism and slavery.

In addition to visual and linguistic aspects, we set out to improve the audio quality on the video, as the online conference was affected by background noise, transmission glitches and cuts. Thanks to the excellent work done by our sound department, we ensured that all participants enjoyed a clear, high-quality experience.

We were in constant communication with the client and translators involved in the project to guarantee that all parties were happy with the progress, which is especially sensitive in an important historical event.

The outcome

The client was highly satisfied with the final outcome of the project. The sound and visual and linguistic aspects of the final video were worked on meticulously to ensure that the conference’s content came across effectively. This ensured that the valuable work done by the researchers and anthropologists was clear and accessible.

In addition to meeting the client’s expectations, the project successfully contributed to disseminating knowledge of history, especially in terms of recovering the whole history of the Portuguese slaver São José Paquete D’África.

The final result not only demonstrated the quality of Sintagma’s work with clients and translators but also the public benefit offered by our services by providing an accessible, enriching, educational experience.

This success underscores the importance of our work and shines the spotlight on the positive impact of the team’s dissemination of knowledge and facilitation of access to crucial information.

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