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“Alcindo” Documentary

The award-winning documentary about Alcindo Monteiro's racial crime that shocked Portugal on June 10, 1995. Miguel Dores' film relied on Sintagma's Sound Design and Sound Mixing to highlight a powerful story that has won national and international awards at renowned film festivals.


Maus da Fita




Sound Design

Sound Editing

Sound Re-Recording

Voiceover Recording

The opportunity

We were presented with the opportunity to contribute to the making of "Alcindo" - a bold and compelling documentary about the tragic murder of Alcindo Monteiro in 1995. This powerful documentary deemed to not only unveil the brutalities, but also resurrect a profound memory of a struggle against racial oppression. Pedro Freitas, our team’s seasoned sound designer, was tasked with constructing a solid audio foundation to match the film’s intense narrative. This was an imperative stage for the authenticity of the film, challenging us to showcase craftsmanship that could effectively impart the film’s impact and emotion.

Best Sound Design, Pedro Freitas

2022 Winner Silver Anhuma

Tiête International Film Awards

Audience Award

DocLisboa 2021

Best Documentary, Miguel Dores

Festival Grand Award, Miguel Dores

2021 Winner

Coimbra Caminhos do Cinema Português

What we did

Our task involved more than just sound mixing; it was about creating an immersive auditory experience that intensified the narrative's emotional weight. We worked extensively on the Sound Design and Sound Mixing phases. We held post-production sessions where we meticulously analyzed and oriented the sound design to evoke certain emotions at precise moments. Our focus centered on fusing a suitable balance of raw, natural audio with the ambitious narrative, maintaining authenticity throughout. It was a delicate process, merging true soundscapes with stirring storytelling to highlight the chilling reality the Director Miguel Dores sought to portray.

The outcome

Our considerable efforts bore fruit as the film, "Alcindo", premiered to a standing ovation. Our contribution had significantly enhanced the film’s engrossing narrative, achieving a remarkable mirroring of sound and visual elements. The audience was not only captivated but were made to feel, resonate, and connect with Alcindo’s story. The film essentially won the Audience Award at DocLisboa 2021, underlining the movie's influence and impact. Through our impeccable sound work, we were not just telling a story; we were empowering audiences to feel the depth of Alcindo’s reality, profoundly echoing his narrative in the hearts of viewers.

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