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“A Pedra Não Espera” Documentary

"Documentary by Graça Castanheira revisits João Cutileiro's projects and sculptures in public spaces and the sculptor's home/studio. From stone extraction to the challenges of installation (...) Cutileiro's work leaves a lasting impact on Portugal's cultural landscape."  in RTP.pt


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The opportunity

"A Pedra Não Espera" is a captivating documentary that delves into the extraordinary life and artistic journey of João Cutileiro, a renowned Portuguese sculptor. The film aspires to celebrate his profound impact on the art world and inspire audiences with his masterful creations.

Sintagma was presented with an unparalleled opportunity to contribute our expertise to this remarkable project directed by Graça Castanheira. The task encompassed capturing sound, dialogue, crafting sound design, recording Foley for archival footage, and ultimately mixing the film’s soundtrack. The film demanded a meticulous approach to sound production and post production. The producers and director sought to portray the sculptor's passion and dedication through immersive soundscapes, allowing viewers to connect emotionally with his creative journey.

Sintagma faced the challenge of capturing and preserving the delicate nuances of Cutileiro's art and life events, while also delivering a soundscape that would enhance the storytelling and maintain the audience's engagement.

What we did

Understanding the significance of the documentary, Sintagma approached the project with a combination of technical expertise and artistic sensibility. By learning about the artistic essence of João Cutileiro's sculptures, his environment for creation, his life, this in-depth understanding served as the foundation for crafting the perfect soundscape.

We began by employing diverse recording equipment to capture authentic on-location sounds, preserving the ambiance and essence of the environments that surrounded Cutileiro's work, from the subtle handling of marble pieces of a scaled sculpture model to massive explosions of rock in a quarry. To create a seamless and compelling audio experience, we carefully recorded interviews and dialogues with the sculptor, weaving his personal reflections into the narrative fabric of the documentary.

Drawing on our mastery of sound design, we artfully crafted audio elements that complemented the visuals and allowed viewers to immerse themselves in the artist's world. Foley was recorded and mixed to recreate the sounds of chisels carving into stone, chipping fragments away, and the echo of workshops—subtly emphasizing the artistry and craftsmanship behind each sculpture.

The outcome

Sintagma's collaboration on "A Pedra Não Espera" resulted in an emotionally captivating and aesthetically engaging documentary that transcended the boundaries of sound. By adeptly capturing sound, dialogue, and crafting an intricate soundscape that harmonized with archival footage, we brought João Cutileiro's life's work to life.

The film's audiences were enamored by the seamless integration of sound, the rich depth of the artist's reflections, and the emotive qualities that were amplified through Sintagma's Sound Director - Pedro Freitas. The audio experience enhanced the documentary's impact, leaving an indelible impression on viewers and resonating with them long after the credits rolled.

Sintagma's collaboration with "A Pedra Não Espera" proved to be a shining example of how skilful sound services can elevate a documentary to new heights. By capturing sound, dialogue, and expertly crafting the soundscape for archival footage, we artfully contributed to the celebration of João Cutileiro's artistry. The proof that a dedicated and talented sound services team can have a profound impact on the storytelling power of film, particularly when documenting the life and works of an esteemed artist.

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