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Sintagma is a trusted media localisation provider, collaborating with talents from all corners of the globe.
Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for films, series, documentaries, new media and corporate needs.

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Our professional translation services deliver expertise in over 100 languages, ensuring accurate, culturally appropriate communication and storytelling. With a dedicated team of talented, highly skilled linguists, we provide fast turnaround times without compromising quality - one of our core values. Trust us to bridge the language gap for your globalisation and localisation needs.

Audiovisual Translation
Technical Translation
Translation and Document Certification

Audio Solutions

Unlock the power of sound in your video content. Dialogue is the backbone of storytelling, and we understand its significance.
Our comprehensive services, with voiceover recording, production sound and post-production services that include sound design and Foley, are planned to enhance your storytelling prowess. Immerse your audience in a truly captivating experience and expand your reach with our vast pool of voiceover talents in over 100 languages. Connect with us and unleash the potential of sound in your videos.

Production Sound
Voice Over


Making media content accessible to people with disabilities is crucial for localisation and globalisation. By offering accessibility services, we ensure inclusivity, promote equal opportunities and allow everyone to enjoy and engage with content on an equal footing.

Audio Description
Portuguese Sign Language

Post Production

From expert sound design and editing, to Foley and mixing, we ensure your audio exceeds expectations and creates a captivating experience for your audience. With two fully equipped facilities, our creative post-production team can deliver immersive, cinematic, award-winning sound that will get your project the recognition it deserves.

Sound Editing and Mixing
Sound Design
Video Graphics

Distribution and Media

We are connected to the world through our global distribution network. Sintagma's high quality standards ensure timely deliveries that exceed customer expectations. Our team manages all digital content end to end from a centralised and secure ecosystem, thereby providing real-time monitoring and feedback to our customers and partners and bringing trust and reliability to stakeholders.

Quality Control
Content Management
Encode & Transcode


Since 1993, Sintagma has excelled in training new talents in the audiovisual industry and has been a reference at an academic level in terms of welcoming and training the creatives of tomorrow. Our training courses cover areas such as subtitling, voiceover and technical consultancy for podcasters.

Voiceover and Dubbing
Audio Description
A woman translating
Recording booth with a microphone.