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Distribution and Media

Sound team reviewing the project in a monitor

Quality Control

In a rapidly expanding global media landscape, our team's quality control measures serve as safeguards against errors, inaccuracies and inconsistencies that could detrimentally affect media content. Accurate subtitles and translations, intelligible, immersive audio and Sintagma's full linear pass QC ensure that media content maintains high standards by delivering certified quality in a range of formats that meet all compliance requirements.

A rack of servers in a server room.

Content Management

Safety is paramount for us and our partners. Our mission is to ensure your content is safely stored in our intranet servers and supplied for work via streaming as a DRM encrypted video, with forensic watermarking, which is a solution powered by Ooona's security and data management tools.

A group of people working with a camera on a street.

Encode & Transcode

We encode, transcode and edit media content in a vast range of formats to match your needs up to the highest definition available in the industry. Our team receives and delivers content with fast turnaround times and high standards in QC and QA.

A screen shot of a sound editing software.


Content that reaches global markets requires our clients to meet local regulations. Our content conformance and compliance process across 100+ languages guarantees localisation and edits specific to context, country and region and to local audio Loudness specifications.