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"Building The Future 2023" Conference

The Building The Future Conference is considered Portugal’s main digital transformation event and we have had the opportunity to participate in two of them. Once again, the 2023 event on 25 and 26 January attracted audiences from all over the world.






Transcription and subtitling

Translation and subtitling

Subtitles Burn-In

The opportunity

The Building The Future Conference is the best-known Portuguese event in the field of technological development. It is sponsored by Microsoft and organised by iMatch and hosts speakers from all over the world in person and online. 

iMatch contacted us and asked us to insert Portuguese subtitles in all the videos of the conference for subsequent online posting. In addition to transcribing, translating and subtitling, we also burned-in the captions in the videos, which is a lengthy, highly technical process.

The project not only involved a large amount of work, but our project managers and translators also had to meet very tight deadlines, as we only had 24 to 48 hours to submit 71 videos, totalling 1,545 minutes.

X minutes in y hours for z languages

What we did

Before accepting the job and guaranteeing its success, we held an initial meeting with the iMatch team for us to learn their priorities, foresee possible obstacles and define the planning and work methods for the two teams.

We decided to use a digital platform to share the edited videos of all the speakers. The videos would be sent for subtitling and the final versions would be submitted on the platform within a deadline of 48 hours.

In view of the time constraints and volume of work, we set up a team of 12 translators and proofreaders. Sintagma was in charge of coordinating and deciding who would do what and when, taking account of availability and areas of expertise to ensure a high-quality final product. As it was a technology conference, we had to consider the specificities of the terms used by the speakers to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of all presentations during the event.

Our advance in-house planning identified the videos, working languages and distribution of the conference sessions and forwarded them immediately to the team of translators and proofreaders on our management platform.

The outcome

During the conference and on the following two days, our team worked together to ensure that all the videos were returned on time.

Sintagma was in charge of burning-in the subtitles on all the videos. All our tools were deployed in this complex operation, with a number of workstations simultaneously processing and adding subtitles in 1,545 minutes of video and doing it all in record time.

The work and hours devoted to the project all proved to be worthwhile when the last video was submitted to iMatch. It was with great pride that we handed everything in on time and with the quality for which we are known. We were able to prove that, with the right methods, organisation and teamwork, we can meet all the challenges we face.

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